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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you 



If you want me to understand your culture; you should first understand mine.

 Anyone believing, in these days and time, that: they are so powerful and fearful that they can speak and the world will bow down has totally lost touch with reality.



   Where HATRED prevails progress and ingenuity dies.

I cannot hate my countryman, and love who, and what I am.

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There Are Two Americas...Separate and Unequal


     I will not insult your intelligence by asking have you heard this before; or have you read the reports, by different news medias, and individuals. Personally, I don't care for reports, I like to look at facts as I have lived them. I grew up in Georgia, a lava pit of bigotry. I experienced life in this pit, where I had to walk a narrow path to get through it. When I say "I" I am speaking of people of color; we experienced life in the pit. Which brings us to: Two Americas. In Montezuma, Georgia, during my young years, was an artesian well in the center of town. This well held six water spouts from which Whites could drink, and six from which Black could drink. A sign in the middle of the well read, on one side: White Only. The opposite side of the same sign read: Colored. One well, same pipe bringing the water out of the well, but two sets of pipes, separated by one sign. And, a Black person could be jailed, beaten, or hung, all by law enforcement, if caught drinking on the White side of the sign. However, nothing would be said if a White decided to drink on the Colored side. What's my point. Separation today, is as silly, and ignorant as it was with the well. We let little dumb things separate us, from enjoying the same things we are all working for, want, and need.

     Whites separate themselves because they have been told that they are superior to people of color. This lie causes law enforcement agencies to see and treat people of color different that their own. Judges gives stiffer sentences to Blacks for the same crime Whites commit. This cause businesses to hire Whites over Blacks, even when Blacks are the most qualified. This pretence, belief and practice gives preferences to Whites over Blacks. Of-course, what's mentioned doesn't scratch the surface; but you get the point.

      Two Americas; Separate and Unequal: Bottom line; Living in the pit; living above the pit. Living above the pit means a White teen can walk into a church where Black people are studying the bible and praying,  kill  members, walk out; and a United State White Congressman will say: yea, he killed them, but a lot of good came out of it, and say it with pride. Living in the pit means a Black teen can walk into an upscale department store, buy a belt with money he worked hard for, and be stopped by a police, handcuffed, put in jail, because the policeman said the money probably came from drugs, a robbery, or some other unlawful mean.

     Will these two Americas continue to stand? No, and a thousand times no! We are seeing its last gasp in the new republican administration. The Wall is coming down! The false scaffold is falling. 



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