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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


Understanding difference cultures, gives a better understanding of people's differences worldwide 


 When we live reality and truth, we will understand our real self, and the differences of people worldwide.



 I just can't help it.

If you get tired of me talking about love, respect, and the full gambit of positives, please forgive me. I just find that being respectful, and wanting to make life better for everyone, without respect of persons, is the right thing to do. I saw an item in the news, last week, about two little, seven years old boys, who became friends. One kid's home, and most of the family belongings, were destroyed by fire. The other kid (his friend), went on facebook and asked for donations to help his friend. Many, people donated, helping the whole family. Now, these kids, being seven, and different races, have been exposed to negatives about each race. It's sad, but true, many kids much younger than they have been taught to hate, different races. but, back to the story. These two kids, formed a bond between them, and, even at this early age, seen beyond the negatives blasted over the news medias, and, to some extent, taught in schools. All one kid could see was: my friend is in need, I have to do something to help him...and he did. Stories like this just fill my heart with joy. I love seeing real love, respect, and caring at work. And I wonder, why so many people look for the scantest of reasons to hate, divide, or separate people. Why they uses the lamest of reason to hate another human being. And, although I'm tempted, I won't say: "Well maybe you have the answer." I know God have the answers, but then, who obeys God's Word. Look at it this way: would you want someone stomping on your bunions, knowing it was going to cause you excruciating pains? So, why would you stomp on someone else's bunions, knowing it's going to cause them the same. Everyone has feelings; and they don't want those feelings hurt. Everyone love to be loved. Everyone love being treated with respect, dignity, and, as a human being. No one wants to be talked down to; looked down on, or treated like an old worn out shoe. So, why do it to others?   Like these two seven year old kids...we can all be friends, it we ignore the dividers. 

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 Why do we stress to our children to be truthful; and condone lies   taught to them by the educational systems?

  Why do America press other nations on human rights, and commit atrocities, far worse than any nation, against its Black citizens? 

  Why do America talk about other countries censoring news, when American News are the most censored in the world?

The time for truth to be taught in schools is now! 

 The time for news to be truthful is now!

     There will never be brotherhood until men see the mutual benefits between them.                                                                               



   Help put truth about Blacks accomplishments in America, and the world, in daily school curriculums.

 By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past
   No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.  
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