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When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history        


By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

    Please visit Inventions each week. A new list of Black inventions will be shown to enlighten you on the many major Black inventions that brought America and the world to the modern state it now enjoys. You will also learn of your greatness and history  . Click here: or on the link on the left hand side of this page.      

 Mankind Are: What Has Been Taught, Believed, and Practiced...the total of our experiences.





  How many times have you heard it: "Role Model?" I believe the general meaning of the term is: setting a good example for others, especially the young, to follow. Something good, that a young person can aspire to be like. Again, I am an American, so I'll speak about America. I've done it for years, and still do. I listen to what people say, and look at their actions...what they do. Example: Politicians running for the upcoming elections. All they talk about is how lowdown and dirty their opponent is; both sides, hurdling mud, with news reporters, depending on who they like, acting like a relay station to hurdle it farther and wider. These are the adults...role models...that's suppose to be setting examples for young people to follow. And, they are trying desperately to make a large number of people believe their lie but not the other person's lie. The sad part is, Americans, old and young, believe in lying. The bigger the lie, the wider it spread, the more popular the liar become. And, early in November 2014, liars will go to state and national offices. My question is: What is this doing to young people around the world. How many young people; since technology turn local stages into international ones; will pattern their lives after lying politicians? Also, can politicians really see themselves as being "Role Models" for anyone? Better yet, does any American believe that putting a liar in office, adds truth to American politics? I've said it many, many times; I'm saying it here: the office doesn't remake the person, it becomes what's put in it. As the saying went during my computer programming years; "garbage in, garbage out."

 Our young children need to be taught truth; because that is the only way they will grow up to be the type individuals that will deal with their worldwide audiences in truth and sincerity. Ladies and gentlemen, The people of the world, no longer just listen to what you say; they watch what you do. Words have become nothing more than hot breezes in a desert trek. Only what you do will, or will not, be seen as an oasis. 

 Role Models? Well, let that be truth and facts in the educational systems in America. Children need to know the truth about other nations they will eventually deal with, politically, and otherwise. They need to know and appreciate different cultures, rather than trying to make theirs superior, and proper. The term, "American Way" which is superiority/inferiority, should be deleted from the educational system in America, and replaced with truth, respect, love, understanding, and cooperation, because there will never be peace among us until we all respect each other' culture. Every culture on earth, believe theirs are just as important as any other. And, in reality; are.

Role models are good; but I'll take an educational system of truth over it any day.   

Thanks for stopping by. By the grace of God, I'll be back with you next week.  


     A story of facts will follow either week, or by-weekly, if circumstances dictate. 


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  There will never be brotherhood until men see the mutual benefits between them 



   Help put truth about Black people's accomplishments in America, and the world, in daily school curriculums.



By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past
 The Bible says it best: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:
 No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.


  God told Abraham that because of his faith, all nations of the earth will be blessed.

   Look closely at who's inventions are blessing every nation on earth today.

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  Sometimes you just get fed up; and Mark Powers was fed up! He couldn't take it any longer; especially being tagged with things no one wanted to be! It had to stop! And he was stopping it! 







 Love is always strong; the question is: will it be used to build dreams, or let laws and people's hang-ups weaken it to the point of destroying dreams and goals.









  Boles family stood tall around Montezuma, in years past. But, left a bitterness  lurking in their shadows. Jamell, the son of Williams Boles, and a brilliant Chemist, who settled in Montezuma to build a future; found he had to distance himself from their shadows, still standing tall, if he was to be seen for who he was.










  We didn't just wake up one day to find the racial, and immoral mess now swirling and churning like a bad hurricane. It was hatched centuries ago, and has been steadily growing ever since. The same mess brought down past great America now, on that slippery slope? 










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