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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you                          



If you want me to understand your culture; you should first understand mine.



 Color Blind

When it comes to people's skin color, did you ever hear; I'm color blind? I've been in conversations, and, had it said to me directly over the years. And, except for a few earlier responses, I have never changed my stance, nor belief. When it comes to colors, whether people, or other nouns, we all have a preference, and whether we know it or not, we respond to that preference. Me? Well, I like blue. Even ugly blue things, have a certain beauty for me. So it's not the noun, it's the color. Yes, I like other colors, and have things that are different colors. I started thinking one day, why I like an all white outfit...suit, shirt, tie, shoes, socks, hat. Well, I was told, more than once, starting at an early age,  how well I looked in a white outfit. That stuck with me. In essence, I was taught to love white outfits even though blue is my favorite color. Because what was said benefited me, I let it become a part of my belief, thinking and practice. That's what happened with Caucasians and Blacks; Caucasian were taught Blacks were beneath them, having every negative stigma known to mankind.

 Seeing the skin color of people, we; whether knowingly or unknowingly, react to that color. It may be because it's what we like, or have been told. But regardless, we react; which can range from mild to extreme. When it comes to Caucasians and Black People, we see skin color. Every time I look at a Caucasian I see color; and like wise with them. I was taught, and seen, at an early age, the horrible things Caucasians did to Black People. From that I developed a deep mistrust for all Caucasians, and a mild hate for some, especially those that spoke, or treated me like I was something far beneath them. It took years, and experience, to see it was individuals within the Caucasian Race, and not all Caucasians that harbored a belief that made them hate, and ill treat, Black People. Walter, Sundelius, a Caucasian, from Helena, Montana, opened my eyes to the fact that I didn't have to mistrust all Caucasians, and, we could really be friends, without the hang-ups of color. Ok, I could go on for days, so, lets get to the bottom line.

  We all have hang-ups. We all react to colors...that includes Blacks and Caucasians in America; which equal to the racial problem in America. So, the best way to deal with the issue is: first, admit when you look at a Black person, you see and have to deal with every thing that have been practiced, taught, and believed about Black People. And, the only way to deal with that reality is own up to it, and either change, or continue on with what's in your system. But, no way are you color blind (saying color don't affect you in any way), We all, Black and Caucasians, have to deal with skin color each time we interact with each other. And again, own up to your hang-ups and look at how wrong they are...then act on truth and facts.     


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  Its Time For A Change

  No matter how mankind have separated himself into races, groups, and more, the basic needs for life on earth remains the same: food to eat, water to drink, and air to breath. The basic force that drives mankind to improve his and her surroundings is love. And each human being desires love, and has the capacity to love. A line separate each picture. That's the way a great number of Americans wishes America to be.




  These Three families represent the diversity of America. And, that diversity is growing, not diminishing. It's time for those who believe they are the only true Americans to know truth and facts. They are only a part of the growth, wealth, and modernization of America. Blacks, Spanish, Asians, Japanese, and all other nationalities make up the greater part. And, that greater part is here to stay, and, are making known their contribution to the greatness of America.

  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems. The educational system started it all, and must be ended there.
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