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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you 


If you want me to understand your culture; you should first understand mine.



Each Week, in this series, a new word or phrase will be discussed

  The Reality Of Separation

There are two great evils of separation:

1. The grass always seems greener across the dividing line.

2. It pits one side against another, to be the greatest/best.

When I was growing up, we had this one cow that, no matter what side of the fence he she was on, would stick her neck through the strands of barbed wire, to eat grass on the other side. many times getting cuts from the barbs. But, no matter the cuts and sticks, she did it anyway. When it comes to human beings, there's no different between them and the cow...they want what's on the other side; even though they do the separation. In America; it's the Black, White issue. With information so readily available, and we, having talked about it so much on the site; I'm sure we all know who started the separation. But, pointing fingers at this point in history, is counter-productive. Trying to separate people into groups when we must interact with each other daily, in order to survive, is not only bad, it's insane. It's a mental condition that not only erode stable, sensible thinking, it destroys the ability to be rational at all. In order to live in this state, there has to be a constant effort to conjure up ways to make the pretense seem real, and to keep it at the forefront of everyone daily. This requires spending the vast majority of time thinking evil, and ways to enforce it on those not a part of certain groups. Nothing good, nothing beneficial to anyone comes out of an evil mind, filled with vileness. Evil and vileness is what separation efforts are.

Back to the issue at hand...white and black. As stated in item one; the grass is always greener. Whites have, from the beginning of America, imitated Blacks by taking what they invent and use it as their own. Black women have always been raped by White males. And every feature of Blacks are imitated by Whites...the grass is greener. Blacks, believing what is taught, practiced and enforced, by Whites, imitate Whites in many ways. Blacks goes after White women, raping some...so again, the grass is greener. Second, both sides proclaim superiority. Blacks are pitted against Whites in almost every endeavor of life. It becomes vital, that one group is seen better than the other.  So, there's fighting, lying, cheating, and the list goes on, by groups, to be head high above the rest. What nonsense! It is much better to work together and build as a team rather than tearing down one's work as fast as it is built. There's nothing superior about one group that isn't the same with the other groups. The same goes for inferior. When it comes to life and its endeavors; Blacks are superior and inferior. Whites are superior and inferior. That's why we have some knowing more about one subject than another, even in their respective groups. Every individual on this earth is superior in some things another is inferior in. That's why if we join our efforts, we will be stronger, and live better on this earth.   


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