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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history        


By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future


America's Theme Is: We Are A Christian Nation. 


A Person Does The Work Of The One They Love, Trust, and Believe in...that is, the one they pray to, pattern their lives after, and follow His written commandments. In America's case; that person is God.

  Well, lets examine America's acts and deeds to see if they stand the test. After all, it's what a person does, not what he says that counts; or, as the old saying goes...where the rubber meets the road. I've studied the acts and deeds of American for nearly seventy years now...starting with the early arrival of Europeans on these shores. (My book "The Big Oak Went Down" Shows these acts and deeds plainly.) Yes, the early arrivals, right up to the present, all says they love God, and are God fearing. Yet, their acts from their earliest interaction with the Indians, Blacks, and some Europeans, were anything but loving God, or God fearing. (look at I John 4:20-21, since the Bible is where Christians get their guidance. Of course there are many other like scriptures also.) So, since the very guidance used by a Christian Nation, says You can't love God, whom you have never seen, and hate the one you see daily, it's clear; the term "We are a Christian Nation" doesn't fit in any sense of the word. When words says one things and acts and deeds demonstrate another, acts and deeds take president, because words are nothing unless made reality through acts and deeds. If your car battery dies, and you need a jump; and I pull along side you and say I'll give you a jump, but stand there and do nothing; my ward is just so much hot air. I have to get my cables, do the hookup, and provide the energy you need for my word to count. When I look at the treatment of Indians, Blacks and other races, I see a pattern of hatred, demonizing, degrading, and worse, by White Americans. And, It's all because of false teaching, false belief and practices of superiority. That same belief and practice applies to everyone they interact with daily. Can White American, (and to some extent, Black American) say the color they hate are not the color of the God they say they love? Before I first tasted an olive, I said many times I loved them. I said it because, being a young Airman, inexperienced in drinking, even knowing the names of drinks. I thought it would make me seem like the others I saw eating them from drink glasses in the clubs. But, I nearly chocked, when I tasted my first one. I didn't like them at all...not in the least. I've said I like, or love, many things until I actually came in contact with it. So, What I hate about my fellow man, might be the very thing I'll find in the God I say I love.

 Bottom line, no matter the nation, or the colors of its people, you can't claim to be one way toward them, but do something entirely different to them. You can't say God is no respecter of person, but treat others, not of your gender and color, different than yourself, or those of your gender and color and say God loves you, because...

  There are two forces existing on this earth..."good, and bad." At the head of these two forces are: 1. God, who is all things good. 2. Satan, who is all things bad/evil. Since God, our creator, gave us free will, he shows us plainly, the outcome of following each force. Therefore, he let us choose whom we will follow. And, He makes it clear, "We do the work of the one we follow. When we hate our brother; we are doing the work of Satan and doing Satan's dictates. When we love our brother, we are doing the work of God, and doing God's dictates. Your work will tell you who you are.       


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  There will never be brotherhood until men see the mutual benefits between them 



   Help put truth about Black people's accomplishments in America, and the world, in daily school curriculums.



By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past
 The Bible says it best: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:
 No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.


  God told Abraham that because of his faith, all nations of the earth will be blessed.

   Look closely at who's inventions are blessing every nation on earth today.

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  Sometimes you just get fed up; and Mark Powers was fed up! He couldn't take it any longer; especially being tagged with things no one wanted to be! It had to stop! And he was stopping it! 







 Love is always strong; the question is: will it be used to build dreams, or let laws and people's hang-ups weaken it to the point of destroying dreams and goals.









  Boles family stood tall around Montezuma, in years past. But, left a bitterness  lurking in their shadows. Jamell, the son of Williams Boles, and a brilliant Chemist, who settled in Montezuma to build a future; found he had to distance himself from their shadows, still standing tall, if he was to be seen for who he was.










  We didn't just wake up one day to find the racial, and immoral mess now swirling and churning like a bad hurricane. It was hatched centuries ago, and has been steadily growing ever since. The same mess brought down past great America now, on that slippery slope? 










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