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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you 


  Don't ask me to practice your culture; And you don't understand mine!

 Anyone believing, in these days and time, that: they are so powerful and fearful that they can speak and the world will bow down has totally lost touch with reality.




  If I hate you, I need to look in the mirror; there's something I hate about myself. Because no matter how I pretend; I know I am made just like you.


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Who am I? Where did I come from? What was it like? What were the people like? What did they do? What were their struggles and successes? What did they build; tear down, or change? What did they do to shape the future? What am I doing to perpetuate, or change a legacy that may be defining who I am?

Mark Powers asked the same questions; went digging; the answers changed his life.


Shela was determined to end an impoverished, drug addictive life for her and her baby; but Karl Ward stood in the way.






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 Make America Great Again!

This Road Leads To A Dead End!

  I have been on this earth for eighty five plus years. I can remember things I did, when I was just a small tot, just starting to walk good. I was always getting into things, which in those days meant; getting in trouble. I loved taking the fire poke, letting it get red hot and dragging it outside, putting it in water, seeing it fizzle, and steam rising. I accidentally burned my baby sister on the neck with a red hot poke. Of course I was in big trouble that day. Anyway, to get to my point; I watched and learned thing, starting at an early age. I've mentioned many times I started studying people around the age of twelve; give or take a year. I watched their expressions, and responses to words, actions, deeds, conditions, and just plain everyday living in their surroundings. I learned what made them smirk, smile, frown or cry. The most important was learning why pretense (keeping up appearance), meant so much to certain people and groups. Which brings me to why I was so surprise to hear; dead practices from the Fifties and below, being attempted to be revived. The: "Make America Great Again" are: plain and simple; times when Caucasian males Americans committed the worst human rights atrocities in the world. Blacks were limited to what White Males thought appropriate: hung at will, arrested, beaten and killed at will, pregnant women hung and babies cut out of them; jailed for life, and worse. Black leaders in countries, assassinated and replaced with Whites, or very light skinned persons. Leaders of African countries given large grants, but couldn't use it to better living conditions of it citizens. Europeans countries given large grants as long as they concurred with America's treatment of Africans and followed the same policies. I weep over the holocaust because it was extremely bad. And, controlled by extremely bad people. But, I hasten to add: Slavery and Segregation was just as bad; lasted much longer and controlled by equally bad people. I seen grown men having to say "Yes Sir, and no sir" to eight and nine year old White kids. I watch the smirk, and grins as educated Black men were treated as below illiterate White men. I seen the results of White men raping Black women; and Black men accused of raping White women. White men walked away Scott-free, with "It was just having a little fun." While Blacks were hung, mutilated and worse. This is the greatness the Republican and their followers are hoping for now.  

  So, when I hear Republicans, especially their leader, rant about making America great again; I think of practices dead and buried. I think of them trying to put America and the world (because the world at that time listened to America) on the same road that led to a dead end.

  The Jewish People will never be put is concentration camps again; no more than Black people will be enslaved again. It's wishful thinking, unproductive, and a waste of time to even let a fleeting idea of America becoming what it was before the sixties, enters the mind.  Talk about Gone With The Wind!    



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  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems. The educational system started it all, and must be ended there.
     Please visit Inventions each week. A new list of Black inventions  will be shown to enlighten you on the many major Black inventions that brought America and the world to the modern state it now enjoys.  Click here: or the link on the left hand side of this page.
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