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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


A better understanding of cultures to improve relationship with people world wide 


 Working together, combining our talents, we can eliminate racism around the world. Your help will put truth in education and facts in every mind. Join the effort to put truth in our educational systems. Our children need it to be successful, and interact factually with people in this global community. With within your PTAs, School Boards...locally and State to institute truth. No pretense, or egos, just facts, proven by indisputable information. You can also donate and help take it through the courts.  



 Am I Missing Something Here?

 There's not a day pass that you don't hear about someone, somewhere being killed by guns. And, you hear politicians and gun advocates yelling, "gun don't kill, people using guns kill!" Hello! the people that fires the guns that kills, didn't choose a wet noodle! They didn't choose a skinny, pliable switch! They didn't choose a soft foam ball! They chose a gun, because they wanted to kill, and they knew a gun would accomplish their purpose! It's the weapon of choice for killing! It's what criminals use to accomplish their deeds! It's what soldiers use to fight wars! It's what killing innocent children and adults daily! Guns kill! Guns were designed to kill, and they accomplish their intended purpose in the hands of people whose aim is to kill. No, guns don't pick out targets and fire on them all by themselves. But, they do fire on their targets when a human being pulls the trigger. So, guns in the hands of humans; kills! So, please; stop this: "guns don't kill." Just because you want to keep your gun, is no reason to try and convince everyone else; they are not dangerous. 

 I was in a large department store, and this young man, around twenty years old; came in with a gun strapped to his side. He would walk a few steps, look at his gun, then back up at shoppers. I watched for a while, because it was clear, this kid had no business with a gun. The demonic grin when he looked at the gun, and the shoppers said clearly, this kid was disturbed. Yet, here he was, with, evidently, a permit to carry a gun.

I can't speak for other states, but Georgia gun laws are just killings, waiting to happen. The sad part is: the Republican led Senate and House, wear them as badges of honor. Think how many lives could be saved just by laws that keep guns out of the hands of the disturbed, and limit guns for protection of homes to those suited for that purpose. Assault weapons are for armies; leave them there. 

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