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To Those Who Knock What We Have Now.


        There is a saying: "you don't miss your water until your well goes dry." And, "It's already too late when you start wishing for the things you help destroy."

        We, in America, have never lived under a dictator, or a wanna be dictator, who will try, with every trick he knows, to destroy our present way of life and put in restricted laws on our way of life, to gain his dictatorship. Today, Donald Trump is trying to do just that. And it's dishearting to see so many that are catering (some blinded) to his lies; and the worse part, they know he's lying, and yet pretend the lies are truth. Donald Trump followers know he's going to do all he can to destroy the constitution, our present way of life, and install his way, the way of a dictator. He has told us that this is his goal; and he tells us at every rally, and still he gets a crowd to follow him. It's unbelievable that someone is saying what he's going to attempt, and that attempt will destroy the freedom loved by all living in the world, and yet get support, even from a hand full of people. Look, people, this is a dictator at heart, trying to get hold of what we see as power to set up his policies. He's going to take away your freedom to free speech, and anything he deem against his policies, which he will set up. He love dictators, he praises them, only he wants to be more of a dictator than anyone he knows at this present time. You have no idea what, and who you are supporting. Those, who think they will have power to say what they want to about anything, will have a rude awaking if he gets in office. A dictator will kill anyone that says a word against him or his policies. No one but him will have power to say what is right or wrong, and that is a fact. You are giving away your freedom to speak, even to think you own mind. And, if you think it, you better not even hint it to anyone, because you never know when it might come out. Then too you could be innocent and if he, the dictator, think you said something he doesn't like, you are dead. I say you better think about what you will be giving up by supporting someone who's going to take all of it away. You better call a lie a lie, and let truth be truth. And, you Blacks, that largest deportation in history, he speaks of, will include you. Look at Trumps record toward Black people; how he dealt with Black in the past has not changed. Look at the man, not what he's saying right now to gain power. Remember; once he gets in, it will be too late to wish you had voted another way. You destroy the rattler snake before he bites; not try after he bites. Your vote is your weapon to do just that. Let's vote Democratic like never before; your way of life depends on it.   


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                      Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook


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