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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


A better understanding of cultures to improve relationship with people world wide 


 Working together, combining our talents, we can eliminate racism around the world. Your help will put truth in education and facts in every mind. Join the effort to put truth in our educational systems. Our children need it to be successful, and interact factually with people in this global community. With within your PTAs, School Boards...locally and State to institute truth. No pretense, or egos, just facts, proven by indisputable information. You can also donate and help take it through the courts.  



 I sometimes look at the distance we've come, over the centuries. I look at how innovations/technology have changed everything for mankind. I also ask myself; how far have we really come? I was listening to an advertisement on radio one day, as the product benefits was described. The benefits were describe clearly and in a very understandable manner. But, at the end of the benefits, the announcer began talking so fast words just blended into each other, and nothing could be understood. These were the fine prints, if you will. The harm the product could, and possibly would cause; which in my thinking and understanding, would be more harmful than good. The product would tackle one condition, but cause several, more serious ones. One thing is developed to better life; but end up being used to destroy life. Old thinking are changed because it's decided as better; yet end up making life worse, with endless problems. Prior to President Ragan, advertisers had to pretty much be honest about their products. Under Ragan, it became legal to say almost anything; it didn't have to be true. These are mild, compared to the overall functions of life. In my young years, we didn't lock the house door when we left home. We didn't lock the tool shed, or barn doors. We didn't worry about our air, water, and food being contaminated, or a health threat from chemicals. I could pick and eat wild berries without a second thought. I could believe what a person said he or she would do. I watched my father and other relatives, go out of their way to honor their word.

  Wow! What about today? Do I have to say it? What we are experiencing now, all started with a lie. And the more advanced we become, the greater the lies and deceptions, and the deeper we go into self developed dungeons. Free? Hardly! When we can honestly look one another in the eyes without any doubt, suspicious, seeking to deceive, or false sense of superiority; when we can be honest and truthful to ourselves, and others, then and only then will we be truly free. And yes; truth will make us free under modern times; and, make modern times truly beneficial to mankind.  


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 A thought, a pen, and some paper, come changes that entertain, inform, alter thinking, and modernize the world.           

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  As a modern folklorist and author, I use history as a central character for my writings; bridging my love of things old, and, the ever changing modern world. I find it fascinating weaving the past and present into inspiring events, with everyday characters. This passion has produced six great books, that the whole family can enjoy, be entertained, and, informed.

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  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems
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