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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you 



Don't ask me to practice your; And you don't understand mine!

 Anyone believing, in these days and time, that: they are so powerful and fearful that they can speak and the world will bow down has totally lost touch with reality.



  If I HATE  you, I need to look in the mirror; there's something I hate about myself. Because no matter how I pretend; I know I am made just like you.


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Flowers; how beautiful they are planted together, and given tender, loving care.

An Example of the World

   I love flowers, I plant them every year...around the house, in beds in the yard, sometimes, near my vegetable garden. I love watching bees, of many kinds, hummingbirds, of various colors, and insects flock to them for nectar, even birds, to rest, if for a short while. And, I like the sweet smell, mixing and emanating from them; not to mention the colors enhancing the area around them. It's beauty...calm and peaceful. Reminds me of what this earth could be like, if we all grew together like the flowers. We all live and grow in different parts of this earth; like the flowers at my house...in different beds.  And, whether realized or not, we beautify the area we grow in. We are what make it smells good. We are what enhance the area around us. We are the beauty that can be calm and peaceful. So, if it's possible, why not make it happen?

  Mankind are the flowers of the earth. We have a lot to offer in making it beautiful, and peaceful, if we stop thinking that our color is the brightest, prettiest, best, and most desirable. 


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  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems. The educational system started it all, and must be ended there.
     Please visit Inventions each week. A new list of Black inventions  will be shown to enlighten you on the many major Black inventions that brought America and the world to the modern state it now enjoys.  Click here: or the link on the left hand side of this page.
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