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The most destructive force on earth.

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  I have A Question!

     Do you really believe A dreaded disease can be used as a cure of itself? In other words; can a person stricken with a dreaded disease have the disease itself injected into him as a cure? Isn't that what we, as human beings, are doing when it come to living in love, peace, and harmony? Classic example, racism. We have, over the years, came up with many words and phrases to use as cures; or to eliminate racism. But I'll only use one: "Tolerance."

   Without a doubt, there are many opinions on this; some pro, some con. But, take a close look at the word itself, and what it entails. It's very plain and clear, some one has to put up with something that's not a part of their wants, desires, or makeup. It doesn't change what the practitioner of tolerance is, just that he or she put up with something, in this case, other Races, while they are interacting with them. 

  So, here we go: the word "tolerance" itself is racist. First, it says: I'm better, smarter, prettier, or in every way; superior, but I'll put up with you while we are interacting with each other, as long as you remember, you are not my equal. So, as so often is heard: "teach tolerance." That's no different than injecting a disease as a cure. If a disease can be used to cure the same disease, why weren't Ebola  used to cure those with Ebola; or any of the killer diseases that's with us today? Of course you know the answer to that. That's why something that kills the disease must be used.

  I've found that truth is the only thing that will kill a lie. And I ask you isn't this whole thing of "Race" a gigantic lie started by Thomas Jefferson and a man from Europe, calling himself a scientist. Without "Race" there wouldn't be all the strife we have in the world today. Thomas lie created the strife we have in the world today; and only truth will eradicate it.

    What's your take?  



  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems. The educational system started it all, and must be ended there.
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