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           There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them 

 By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history




 Look at how the State of Georgia School Board; the State Superintendent, and the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia viewed a request to have the very things they use daily, in every aspect of their lives; (to include, waking, dressing, eating, getting to work, working, comfort at home and work, their jobs, bank accounts, educating their children, and much much more); associated with the Inventors, since the true inventors are kept out of the educational systems. They equated the request to a case (Georgia High School Assoc. V Waddell, 248 Ga. 542 (1981) where a High School claimed a referee made an erroneous call during a game that affected the outcome of a football game. A high school referee was accused of making a bad called on roughing the kicker. They equated truth and facts to one instant of a subjective call in a high school football game. Really! It's hard to believe Georgia's educators, having such shallow visions. Can anyone with no insight be an educator? Either they were trying to trivialize the request of having truth and facts taught in socials studies, or they are truly ignorant of truth and wish to remain in their present state. Pretending to be what you are not; claiming to have done what you haven't done; and calling it truth and facts are, in a lie. Can a sane mind live a lie? Can an educator really look at the Internet, cell phone, television, tires, engine, black top roads, to name six of thousands that modernized the world, and equate them to a roughing the passer call in a high school football game? Better yet, can anyone do it?

 It's time for truth worldwide. It's time to call a spade a spade. If you did it...fine, take credit for it! If you didn't do it, why keep lying? It's time truth and facts are taught in America's educational systems. Let every person, or race be known by truth and facts of their history...Inventions and accomplishment; after all you are what you are...lying won't change that.    

 It's hard to phantom people are being downtrodden because of lies and pretense. Wanna be' living lies and claiming what they didn't do, and being supported by the legal system, that runs interference for them. Yes, this system has an end; it will fall; lies always does. But how many children will suffer while it stands?  


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  Young people are future leaders. Don't narrow the pool.

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THEY MAKE HISTORY, YET ARE VIEWED AS NO SIGNIFICANT TO  HISTORY  (Click here to see a few of their inventions and accomplishments)


Would you want your child growing up, working hard for and education; all the while not knowing their true history because it's omitted from history books?

 Would you want your child to be seen and judged by a lie that debase and degrade them?

  It's happening to them. They live it daily; in and out of the class rooms!

 Would you give up your cell phone, the internet, television, computer?

 Well, they (Black Inventors) invented them all.

 Your help is needed to take this through the courts.

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  Unless History speaks truth the world is left to believe a lie!

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  The great thing about truth: whether accepted or not, it remains reality. But, knowing it can change a negative life to a positive one. It can reverse a negative trend to a positive one.


  The strength of a nation lies in the moral strength of its people.


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