FAMILY UNITY                                 


           There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them 

 By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history




 Every one who say they are Christians will do things, whether attending church services, participate in egg hunts, or something they feel fits a religious function representing the season; today and this week. The things I would urge you to do is: keep in mind who is being celebrated, the reason for the celebration, and the things that fits both "who and the reason." Jesus didn't look out over mankind and say; "I'm going to die for this group, because they are this color; or, because they have this or that trait, this or that characteristic." Since no flesh is perfect (although some believe a lie and think they are), He took on the sins of all flesh and accepted the punishments for them; including serving time in hell. If you don't think that's the greatest love that can be shown; try taking on the evil acts of just one or two people you know and suffer the punishments for their evils; including spending time in some prison, or other hell hole. I think you'll get the picture. This season is to remind all flesh, that we are to do our best for everyone, without exception. And that certainly mean, not putting ourselves above anyone else. 

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  Young people are future leaders. Don't narrow the pool.

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THEY MAKE HISTORY, YET ARE VIEWED AS NO SIGNIFICANT TO  HISTORY  (Click here to see a few of their inventions and accomplishments)


Would you want your child growing up, working hard for and education; all the while not knowing their true history because it's omitted from history books?

 Would you want your child to be seen and judged by a lie that debase and degrade them?

  It's happening to them. They live it daily; in and out of the class rooms!

 Would you give up your cell phone, the internet, television, computer?

 Well, they (Black Inventors) invented them all.

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  Unless History speaks truth the world is left to believe a lie!

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  The great thing about truth: whether accepted or not, it remains reality. But, knowing it can change a negative life to a positive one. It can reverse a negative trend to a positive one.


  The strength of a nation lies in the moral strength of its people.


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