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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


           There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them 

By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

The information shown weekly are in hope it will inspire you to dig deeper into history for truth and facts of all people so you will know what's true and what's fiction when you see it in books used in the educational systems, blasted over news networks, and shown in studies and reports.

 You invent it; I'll take it from here. (an unspoken term, but always used by those stealing Black Inventions and Accomplishments for enrichment and status) 

Would you look your child in the eyes and tell him, or her: I'm teaching you to be a liar, and you will use it in your thinking, and practices daily?

 Look at the Social Sciences curriculums being taught in America's Schools Systems and be honest about what's there.

In God We Trust

 In the United States of America, that term is seen almost everywhere! It's on our money, our car tags, and many other places. It's used by many; many times a day. It's what we American say we do, and, it's who we are. We are a God fearing people! Really! Well, aren't deeds suppose to determine that? Isn't what we do: the way we treat people, the way we think about people, and what we do to people determine whether we are God fearing or not? Doesn't God fearing, mean you don't want to break God's law, for fear of his punishment for the law broken. For instant; I fear breaking society laws, because, I fear going to jail, which I don't wanna do. So the fear of going to hell, should keep one from breaking God's laws. So, if we, Americans, trust in God, why is there segregation, why is there unequal treatment in our justice system, and enforcing laws of society. Why is there a constant effort to demonize, and degrade those responsible for the growth and wealth of our country. Why is there a complete disregard for God's laws/commandments? See Bible Study here. Why is America's record of human rights abuse, the worst in the world? Lets point out a clear facts. "In God We Trust" is used as the American flag is used, a symbol to say "I am American" but I am not what the symbol is suppose to stand for. We say, America stands for "freedom and justice for all" but, that "all" only equates to the Caucasians in America. So, the flag is there as a show, not what really exist in the teachings, thinking and practices of America. In God We Trust, is there as a show, to try and make other nations think the "all" are living God fearing lives. So, bottom line; those using the term is a pirate ship, sailing under a false flag, for a totally selfish, ungodly, purpose.   





     A new true story will follow either weekly, or by-weekly due to circumstances. 


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       Thanks for stopping by. Through the blessing of Jesus, I'll talk with you in the New Year...Through God's Blessings. 


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  When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history 
      By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past    
 The Bible says it best: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:


 No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.


  God told Abraham that because of his faith, all nations of the earth will be blessed.

Look closely at who's inventions are blessing every nation on earth today.



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  Sometimes you just get fed up; and Mark Powers was fed up! He couldn't take it any longer; especially being tagged with things no one wanted to be! It had to stop! And he was stopping it! 







 Love is always strong; the question is: will it be used to build dreams, or let laws and people's hang-ups weaken it to the point of destroying dreams and goals.









 Boles family stood tall around Montezuma, in years past. But, left a bitterness  lurking in their shadows. Jamell, the son of Williams Boles, and a brilliant Chemist, who settled in Montezuma to build a future; found he had to distance himself from their shadows, still standing tall, if he was to be seen for who he was.









We didn't just wake up one day to find the racial, and immoral mess now swirling and churning like a bad hurricane. It was hatched centuries ago, and has been steadily growing ever since. The same mess brought down past great America now, on that slippery slope? 



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