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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history        


By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

    Please visit Inventions each week. A new list of Black inventions will be shown to enlighten you on the many major Black inventions that brought America and the world to the modern state it now enjoys. You will also learn of your greatness and history  . Click here: or on the link on the left hand side of this page.      

 Mankind Are: What Has Been Taught, Believed, and Practiced...the total of our experiences.



Everything In This World Depends On Positives

Think about your day, from the time you get up to retiring at night. What is it you do, that requires negatives to start, complete, and make it successful? Will the alarm clock, or other item you used to wake you require negative voltage? Will your cooking utensil? Will your car start with negative voltage? When you reach your work area can you start your day by being negative to employees or coworkers; like, cursing, frowning, spurting nasty words, and in general, being fiercely nasty? You get the picture. So, if negatives, doing what negatives does, take away from the positives of life; why be negative. Why walk in your work place, and make those that have to interact with you, feel anything but happy to see and have you a part of their day? Why look at anyone and think negative of them? Why go to an eating, or drinking place and be the one others hate to see coming? Think of your car battery. If the positive charge is shorted to ground, which is negative, your car will not start, until it receive enough positive voltage from some source to turn the starter. Negatives not only drain good thought and deeds from the one being negative, it does the same to those being interacted with. It would be difficult indeed, to stand quietly and be cussed out, demeaned, or debased without responding in a negative way; even if mildly. And no matter what good, or positive thought you had of the abuser, the abuser negative actions toward you, detracted, or drained those positive thoughts. So, since, kindness, understanding, cooperation, sharing, giving, making laughter, uplifting, and in general, making others feel good about themselves, and their what make life happy and joyous, why not be positive in everything you do? It will not only make others happy, you will be too. Negatives will never do more than build a false, inflated ego.

 Being positive, will eliminate division among people. Being positive will build a generation of people that sees the good, in all people and cultures; and will interact with those cultures with respect, and understanding. Our world is fast becoming one of guns and violence. It's becoming, and now is, one where arguments and differences are settled with guns.
And whether, it's a drive by, school, or government assembly shooting, it's no difference than war between countries. Yes war is a grander scale, but the end result is the same...killing to make a point. And, it's all negative! Negatives started it, and negatives perpetuates it.

  Ladies and gentlemen, our children doesn't come into the world being negative. We, adults, teaches it to them. Why?

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     A story of facts will follow either week, or by-weekly, if circumstances dictate. 


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  There will never be brotherhood until men see the mutual benefits between them 



   Help put truth about Black people's accomplishments in America, and the world, in daily school curriculums.



By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past
 The Bible says it best: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:
 No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.


  God told Abraham that because of his faith, all nations of the earth will be blessed.

   Look closely at who's inventions are blessing every nation on earth today.

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  Sometimes you just get fed up; and Mark Powers was fed up! He couldn't take it any longer; especially being tagged with things no one wanted to be! It had to stop! And he was stopping it! 







 Love is always strong; the question is: will it be used to build dreams, or let laws and people's hang-ups weaken it to the point of destroying dreams and goals.









  Boles family stood tall around Montezuma, in years past. But, left a bitterness  lurking in their shadows. Jamell, the son of Williams Boles, and a brilliant Chemist, who settled in Montezuma to build a future; found he had to distance himself from their shadows, still standing tall, if he was to be seen for who he was.










  We didn't just wake up one day to find the racial, and immoral mess now swirling and churning like a bad hurricane. It was hatched centuries ago, and has been steadily growing ever since. The same mess brought down past great America now, on that slippery slope? 










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