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 Anyone believing, in these days and time, that: they are so powerful and fearful that they can speak and the world will bow down has totally lost touch with reality.




  If I hate you, I need to look in the mirror; there's something I hate about myself. Because no matter how I pretend; I know I am made just like you.


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Are We Turning A Blind Eye To Reality?

 This week, while watching the evening news; I listened to an American (Black Person. Black, born in America, are Americans, Not African American) A few words he said caught my attention. He said, and I quote: "Some people think marching and demonstrations are not effective now." he went on to cite some he thought was. As I listened, I thought of the shooting of Blacks by White cops. A white Cop saying "We only shoot Blacks; Blacks, being portrayed as the main cause for crime and corruption in America; watched while shopping, given inferior treatment by health care professional; paying more for goods and services; portrayed as never doing anything positive; living with the lie that we are just benefactors of what Whites invent and provide for the betterment of society. Living with the fact; we invent, they claim, through mass media, making it seem real. Then, I looked at marching and thought; Well, how effective is it right now. We certainly have had our share in recent times. And the same thing persist; Black men being kill by White cops, who get time off from work with pay...our tax dollars. We are still being watched while shopping; and being blamed for the crimes in society; to name a few. So the question to myself was; "how effective is it right now? One thing for certain; it was effective in Dr. King's days. But then I look at: It was given, by God, to Dr. King, to bring his people out of harsh segregation. Mass marching was a cure for the dreaded disease; segregation. And, it cured segregation; as segregation was applied at the time. Which is to say; it was an effective tool for the extreme problems of the time. But, can we use what God gave Dr. King to cure the ills of present times? Segregation now; is a mindset; not policy. And it conger up ways to react to people of color in ways that evoke feelings of the old segregation. The child in school is made to feel inferior by teachers attitudes and actions. The Black man is cautious and fearful for his life while driving, because he knows a policeman can stop, shoot, or kill him and be rewarded for it by law enforcement agencies. You find someone peeping at you from a distance while shopping; you are the last hired, and the list goes on. Yes, I can walk into any restaurant: movie house, and any public place and expect the service offered by the establishment. I don't know if the food will be clean, when I get it; or I'll be treated with the best of service; but, I can walk in and take a seat; you get the point. So, as I see it, the more we march, the more things grow worse. Which tells me; something else is needed. Look at it this way: You suffer for a long time with a disease; a cure is found, and you are healed from that disease. However, by keep taking medication to prevent a recurrence, the disease changes form; develops an immunity against the medication, making it no longer effective; and return again; only this time it's more deadly. This is what we have with segregation; (hatred, superiority syndrome, and all the ills of superiority thinking) It has changed form; developed an immunity against marches and demonstration; and the cure that was once effective, no longer works. A new cure is needed to combat the few form. The law makers, Presidents, CEO's and all those marched against; look at the marchers and smile; knowing nothing will change, except they can blame the marchers for any negatives coming out of the demonstration. They can still hide behind the same thing they've always hidden behind: Lies, and deceptions; stealing what others invent, or create, and claiming it for themselves; reaping all the benefits resulting from their thief.

  So, what kind of weapon we need now? If we are to be truly free; we must turn to the Words of Jesus Christ. "You shall know the truth; and the truth will make you free." The new weapon to fight lies is "truth." Truth will strip away the cloak of lies, that have many thinking Blacks did nothing to modernize America and the world. Truth will throw open the doors that have hidden the true identity of Blacks; that it is their inventions, hard work, and suffering that brought America and the world into modernization. Truth; starting at the earliest level of education; extending into the highest, are the tool needed to erase thinking, beliefs, and practices of superiority...the root of present segregation. Sitting down next to; or, across the table with Whites, doesn't mean they see you as an equal; their minds are looking down on you as an inferior. As I stated in my last week talk on "White Supremacy" look at the work force; companies owned, entertainment, and any endeavor in America, and see who's at the top. Look at, listen to, and read the articles of news medias, who is shown, or portrayed as the experts. Try it!   

  Yes, marching shows you are dissatisfied, but it will not change thinking, beliefs, and practices in these time; only truth will do that; and it has to start in the educational systems, the same place lies started.

 This is no way meant to be bitter, hateful, or produce separation; It is what will be found as you earn daily bread, entertain yourself and family, or just go for a ride in your car.



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  Join the effort to have truth taught in our educational systems. The educational system started it all, and must be ended there.
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