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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


Understanding difference cultures, foster a better understanding of people's differences worldwide 


 Working together, combining our talents, we can eliminate racism around the world. Your help will put truth in education and facts in every mind. Join the effort to put truth in our educational systems. Our children need it to be successful, and interact factually with people in this global community. With within your PTAs, School Boards...locally and State to institute truth. No pretense, or egos, just facts, proven by indisputable information. You can also donate and help take it through the courts.  




Its True Meaning

 There are a lot of discussions going on regarding the Confederate flag. But, what is most interesting is: the defiance of those defending its meaning. A shoe made for the left foot, is just that, a left footed shoe. Now I can put it on my right foot and wear it, but that will not change it from what it is...a left foot shoe. Nothing I say, will make it a right foot shoe. The Confederate flag grew out of a stance for slavery; and later a defiance to liberty and equality for all. It's a symbol of Caucasian males desires to control Blacks by any mean possible. A desire to see themselves as masters, superior and right.

  I listen to some flag supporters, say: "the flag is not a symbol of hate; 90% of the people loving the flag, didn't own slaves."

 I couldn't believe anyone would use such a lame, shallow defense. Of course they didn't own slaves! 90% of the southerners were too poor to live decent. So no, they didn't own slaves. But the confederate flag is not a symbol of slave ownership, it's the symbol of a mentality; that "White is right, great, smart, superior. Blacks are ignorant, stupid, inferior to Whites, and must be controlled by Whites. The 90% didn't own slaves, but they had the same mentality as slave owners. So, the flag is a symbol for hatred, separation, racial superiority, control of Black People...a passion the 90% held. It's a left shoe, being worn on the right foot. It's was then, and continue to be, a mentality of White superiority and Black inferiority. It's an attitude, thinking, and practice that: no matter the position, whether janitor of President of The United States of America, if you are Black you are still inferior to the most uneducated, feeble minded White. That, you are every negative that can be attached to a human being. So, if you are defending the Confederate flag, you are defending what it stands for. And no matter how you try to explain away its meaning, you are what it represent. The only difference; you now know you can't be what it represent. You know you are not the greatest, no matter what the news medias says; or what's taught in schools. You know Blacks are not ignorant, stupid, or someone you can control. And, you are reacting to it. That's why we have the police brutality, the double standards in courts, eyes watching in shopping establishments, and the list goes on. It's what drove the Church shooting in South Carolina, and the many evil acts against Blacks over the years. The flag is just a rag, but it represent a mentality. And those defending it has that mentality...hatred, separation, superiority, which equates to ignorance and stupidity; because you have the shoe on the wrong foot and thinking you are wearing it right.

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