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                  FAMILY UNITY                                 


When a people are omitted from history, they are viewed as being of no significant in history        


                                                             By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future


If You Read This Before, Read It Again. Let It Sink In. This Is Truth! This Is Facts! 



America says it's built on a belief in God  

Well, God said: Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand;

 If we believe God's Word...and I didn't say "maybe", not even "will," it said "shall." which mean every divided Kingdom shall be brought to desolation. Want proof? Look at the great nations of the world that fell into destruction. Then, look at their inner structure...teachings, beliefs, and practices. Look at their governments...the behavior of their politicians. Look at their laws, and the application of them. I don't have to say it; you'll see for yourself: division brought them down. Now, take those same things, and overlay America's teachings, beliefs, and practices with them. The only difference that will be noted is America's behavior has out distanced past fallen nations.

 Let me make it clear: I am an American. I love America, because we built it. And, I'm very sad to know that the greatness of America has reached the brink of desolation; and picking up speed to its inevitable fall.

  Our beloved Barack Obama, is America's last hope for standing strong and a world leader. But, since America has rejected that hope, it is too late to reverse its forward move into the pit of desolation. If you believe in God; and I do; America has been judged. And, its fall from world leadership is near. Many nations will moan America's fall, because they have made themselves rich from her delicacies. But, truth is truth. Facts are facts. "I sent you bread, but you would not eat. I sent you water, but you would not drink. I sent you air, but you would not breath. I sent you wisdom and knowledge, but you cast it aside. Now, you are left with the destruction of your own making."

  I say to all Americans: Pray! Pray that there is a reversal in teaching, beliefs and practices. Who knows, America's demise as a world leader, might be prolonged, or spared altogether.         


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It didn't come easy, but Alice had it all; beauty, riches, successful business, a husband that loved her, loving parents and siblings, loyal friends and, her dream home on a lovely spot she adored. But, learning she was adopted, and later, finding her biological mother, she nearly lost it all, trying to please the mother that had abandoned her in the first place.


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Love is always strong; the question is; will it be used to build dreams or let laws and people's hang-ups weaken it to the point of destroying dreams and goals? Laws and people said Jobi and Mary couldn't be a couple, rear a family, build a business and love each other in the place they called home. Jobi and Mary proved both wrong. They built their dream and, accomplished their goals in the town they loved.


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Men in the Boles family stood tall around Montezuma, in years past. But, left a bitterness lurking in their shadows. Jamell, the son of Williams Boles, and a brilliant Chemist, who settled in Montezuma to build a future; found he had to distance himself from their shadows, still standing tall, if he was to be seen for who he was.


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The high morals of a nation are its strength and, the solid foundation which it stands strong and be a shining beacon of unity to the world. Immorality are like the rot that brought down a great oak tree in our yard in Montezuma, Georgia; it destroys the inner strength of a nation. America must look seriously at immorality that's eroding its moral foundation.


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Sometimes you just get fed up! and Mark Powers was fed up!  He couldn't take it any longer! All the negativity that made him seem less than a human being...all false, all degrading, just wasn't right. Yea, it hurt others too, but he was mad over what it was doing to him. It had to stop!  The days of being lied on was growing short; because he was going to stop it, or die trying.


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     There will never be brotherhood until men see the mutual benefits between them.                                                                               



   Help put truth about Blacks accomplishments in America, and the world, in daily school curriculums.

 By knowing truth, we know it exist now; and, in the past
   No one is free as long as the mind is shackled by lies and pretense.  
     Please visit Inventions each week. A new list of Black inventions  will be shown to enlighten you on the many major Black inventions that brought America and the world to the modern state it now enjoys.  Click here: or the link on the left hand side of this page.



Imagine having just one kind, and color of flowers on earth.

There's beauty, enjoyment, and serenity in colors, and differences.

It's the differences in things around us that make life exciting