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The better I understanding Your culture; The Better I'll understand you 



If you want me to understand your culture; you should first understand mine.




What is gained by lying on one another?

  I've had some vicious lies told on me over the  years. And it always bring me back to the same old question...why? It doesn't matter how it's put, what excuse given, or what the motivation was; a lie is an intentional, made up thing, designed to portray a false image of the noun at issue. And, it can be used in an attempt to make an individual, or group appear to be something they are not...good or bad.

 When I look at the racial issue in America, I see Caucasians attempting to put themselves above other color, or groups in, not just America, but the world. I no longer ask why; I learned the reason many years ago. I found out that when someone is lacking some trait they covet in others, they'll come up with some scheme to make it appear they really do have that trait, and it's far better than anyone else. Caucasians developed a scheme that says: if we keep other groups ingenuity it out of the public's view, if we make it so that it will not be known, then we can claim to be what the other groups are and none will be the wiser. They did a pretty good job of keeping Black ingenuity out of public view, by keeping it out of historical information, especially in the educational systems of America. Edison and the light bulb; Bell and the telephone, George Washington as first president; are three prime examples. If I walked in any school in America and put up a picture of John Hanson, George Washington and asked which one was president of the USA, my answer would be George Washington...only. The same goes for Latimer, and Edison. Edison would be known but not Latimer. Or Bell and Gran V.T. Woods. Edison and Bell got the credit and money, Woods, Latimer, and Hanson got to be unknown. Why? A chance by Caucasian males to lie and be seen for what they are not.

We are all human beings; and that makes us brothers...lying will never change that.  


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