Black Men and Women Were There; Building A Better Future




From: Hammer and Wheel                          To:  futuristic Technology




We Can Have A Better America; But Truth Must Be Known


This Is My Land Too.



I have walked this land, both Slave and Free;

I labored hard, from sea to shining sea.

Think about this for a moment: "I invented it; I made it work; I taught you how to use it; then, after you began using it; you tell me I am not smart enough to operate it." Just let that sink in.

Every time I think about what this congress woman said when the Republican were voting on a farm bill that would offset losses farmers were experiencing at the time. And I quote, "there is no reason to give Black farmers good money for bad farming. blacks know nothing about farming and shouldn't be rewarded for their bad crops." Of course she was and is a lame brain that knows nothing about the startup and growth of this country. She never knew that it was Black farmers that worked the land and crops, that we re being planted and that the Black brought with them. She doesn't know that Black invented tools that made their labor easier and faster to do. She doesn't know that it was Blacks that made this country great through their inventions. She doesn't know that Blacks was the reason America won the wars they were involve in because blacks were involved, starting with the American Revolution. All she knows is what her dumb parents told her and the lies in school books. I feel sorry for people like that, dumb and don't know it; and voice ignorant out loud. She is one ignoramus that should have her mouth taped. Blacks knows nothing about farming! Wow, you have to hand  it to her; dumbness don't know when to speak, or what to say. I'd like to give her a one liner on truth; we built, you claimed.