My Books let you do it all:

               Travel    Be entertained    Know the past   See the future   Reach across continents     Fall in love

 From a thought, a pen and some paper comes changes that: entertained, informed, altered thinking and modernized the world.

 As a modern Folklorist and author, I use history as a central character for my writings, bridging my love of things old, and the ever changing modern world. I find it interesting to weave past and present into inspiring events, with everyday characters. this passion has produced seven great books, that the whole family can enjoy, be thoroughly entertained, and informed. 


 Let one of my fascinating books take you to distant lands, informed you of present times, feel the depth of love, the frustration of disappointment, and the joy of victory.

It's good to know past and present trends; they tells  where you are headed.
Experience the depth of true love, the frustration of disappointments and the joy of victory
Sometimes it's just hard not to push back.
  We are sometimes dealt hands we would rather not have, but, must play anyway. 
 Things are not always Black and White. The areas in between are sometimes foggy.  

  Karl Ward, a progressive young farmer in middle Georgia, dedicated a big part of his life and resources to helping the poor and homeless. He didn't know that; on a cold wintry night, picking up, what seemed a lone soul, on a deserted street, would greatly impact his life. He soon learned; the sad whimper, and small touch, of an infant; the revelation of a drug filled life, had led a desperate mother to end it for them by drowning, with only him standing in the way. 


   The strength of society, and thus a nation, starts with a strong, loving, caring family.



 The Big Oak Went Down




  Imaging looking for something that's already in your hands.



        Already In My Hand                    $17.96   




   They had a right to love whom they chose and live where they wanted to. No laws, or men, were going to change that.

  Stepped From The Shadows





   Secrets and forbidden fruit brought them joy for a while. Little did they know it would all come crumbling down trapping their children when it did.










Eyes They Didn't See



Sometimes you just get fed up and take actions on things hurting, not just you, but others too. 


              When Days Grow Short






       The Sun Was Almost Down





    The strength of society, and thus a nation, starts with a strong, loving, caring family.














    The hand doesn't always seem a winner. The road is not always smooth. The hills may seem steep. But, within is the strength to overcome.










    The Hills I Climbed


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