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                                               Travel                                             Be Entertained                                   Know The Past                                   See The Future                                 Span Continents                                  Fall In Love

 From a thought, a pen and paper, comes changes that: entertained, informed, change thinking, and modernized the world.

 As a Folklorist and author; beliefs and practices are the central character for my writings; bridging the old, and ever changing, modern world. Weaving the past and present into inspiring events, is both interesting and rewarding. The books shown will stir a full range of emotions, while keeping you entertained, informed, and inspired. 


 Let one of these fascinating books take you to distant lands, informed you of present times; feel the depth of love, the frustration of disappointment, and the joy of victory.

A nation is as strong as the families comprising it.
James, Alice, and a mother named Victoria. 
  The law said no! Jobi and Mary said yes!
 Things are not always Black and White; as Jamell learned. .  
Sometimes you just get fed up and have to act.

   The morals of a nation are its strength, and solid foundation on which it progress, and grow strong.       





 The Big Oak Went Down


    James had finally pulled Alice from years of mental suffering, and failures in life; stemming from learning she was abandoned like an unwanted pet while still a baby. Then, by accident, Alice met her maternal mother, who, through greed and deception, nearly destroyed the empire, and, family Alice and James had built



                Already In My Hand                            $18.95   



   For Jobi and Mary it was not color; it was love. They fell in love in small town Georgia. Laws forced them into the shadows. One day they decided to step out and love openly. They loved Georgia, in-spite of its laws, and built an empire in Montezuma, Georgia, the town they loved. 


  Stepped From The Shadows




   Williams Boles was taught; What's done in the dark, will come to light; but he didn't know his sins would become a spotlight light on his son.




            Eyes They Didn't See



Sometimes you just get fed up and take actions on things hurting, not just you, but others too. 





              When Days Grow Short



Book Name

    The strength of society starts with families.  Whether weak, or strong, families are the foundation on which nations set. Families are the stones from which strong nations, lasting centuries, are built. Nations will rise to power or fall into ruins through families. 






    Shela, by age fourteen, had lost her loving father. Her mother who couldn't cope with losing her husband, died of a drug overdose. Finding herself on the streets, homeless, scared, and confused, Shela turned to drinking, and drugs. To eat and feed her habit, she turned to crime. She gave birth before age eighteen. Feeling she could no longer cope, she tried to end it all. But, Karl Ward, a young man that helped the poor, met her by chance, and showed her the way out.


               The Hills I Climbed



   James Wright loved watching things grow. From as far back as he could remember he watched bare, some time dusty fields, slowly cover themselves with coats of green; producing flowers to be admired; plants to feed humanity; and vast acres of grass for grazing animals. The serenity of the land brought him peace of mind during trying times; solutions to troubling problems; answers to difficult questions, and relaxation from stressful days. James Wright loved the land; it was in his blood. 

                   The Land Is In My Blood


    Karl Ward, a progressive young farmer in middle Georgia, dedicated a big part of his life and resources to helping the poor and homeless. He didn't know that; on one cold wintry night, picking up, what seemed a lone soul on a deserted street, would greatly impact his life. He soon learned; the sad whimper, and small touch of an infant; the revelation of a drug filled street life, had led a desperate mother to end it for they both, with only him standing in the way.   


                 The Sun Was Almost Down




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