There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them


                             The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.


   The Flags On The Left...Built The Flag On The Right!   These great, smart, talented, Black men and Women, from the beginning of America, and the migration of mankind from Africa, invented things that enriched Caucasian males and modernized America and the world. No one can point to any business in America, pass and present, without pointing to the item, or items, invented by the genius of these inventors. No one can point to their riches, and comfort, without pointing to  the geniuses of these great Inventors that produced it. Isn't it time the cloak of lies that have hidden these geniuses for generation be thrown off? Isn't it time to stop their great products from being claimed and benefited from those who lied, debased and stole, for their personal gains? Isn't it time truth and facts be told about these great inventors and the thief of their products? Watching the news; wouldn't you think "Apple" invented the cell phone?



  Reality is Reality; It Can't be Changed.

A few months back, my wife got on me for cutting down a big, tall apple tree alone. Me, eight five years old; running up and down my ladder with my chain saw, cutting off large limbs; some I had to reach arm length to cut. Well, I over did it; and pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Boy, was it painful for a while. My wife was on me for what could've happen: I could've fallen off the ladder, especially reaching; and hurt myself; the saw could've hurt me bad had it fallen on me while running. She went through a lot of things that made sense. But, to me, I saw nothing wrong with what I did, because, to me, it's part of what I do all the time. I love keeping the yard pretty and the garden growing. I do these things without thinking. I never gave a second thought to: It's paining my wife for me to do this.

   I told you this story, because I look at our President and Congressional leaders in Washington, today. I look at how easy the president dish out racial slurs. And his cabinet and advisors, lie to the Press and American citizens. I look at how easy these leaders throw the average working person under the bus; while trying to convince them it good for them. And taking a closer look at their lives before becoming President, Senators, and Congressmen; especially during campaigning; it's what they do. They don't see what their actions could, and most time does, bring upon people. They only see their side of things. It's me, it's what I do all the time; it works for me. It get the job done for me. They never stop to think: It's hurting the people that elected me; the people that trust me to do the right thing for them. They only see what it's doing for them; how it makes them feel. I hasten to add; this is in no way trying to excuse these leaders for their actions; it is, however; saying we should do our duty and let them know how much they are hurting us; not just in words only; but in votes. It's not in my best interest to be thrown under the bus. It's not in my best interest to be lied to, have my health threatened by your actions. And, I'm gonna make my voice heard at the next election.  If the actions of the leaders in Washington are hurting you; do like my wife did me; make some noise; let them know; I'm being hurt! 



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  If I was an island, I could stand alone. I'm not, so I will be realistic, I'll live like I depend on someone, maybe many; because I do.  


True story of the teaching, thinking, and practices in building America.


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