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It is far more stressful to see a need and be passive, than see a need and do what you can to fulfill it. 
The world is in need of positive changes; lets do it together

   It is the desire of Family Unity Worldwide to demonstrate, through positive interaction and cultural understanding, the importance and benefits of respecting and accepting differences in people's customs. It is important to abstain from forcing one's customs and practices upon another.

Years ago, a group of Filipinos talked me into eating, what I thought of as a very bitter green vegetable in my rice. At first I didn't like it. And, if they had tried forcing it on me, I probably would've rebelled, or rejected it altogether. What they did was explain the benefits of the vegetable to certain body functions. After hearing the benefits, I decided to try it. I grew to like it. And, as they said, it did help. 

   Becoming united in partnership, and accepting cultural differences in daily interaction with people for the betterment of mankind is the primary goal of Family Unity Worldwide. One person can start, but the load is too heavy for one person to bear. You can help by joining forces with Family Unity Worldwide and spreading truth, and understanding, starting right where you are. Our message are reaching many, but many more are needed to make the message heard loud and clear around the world. Our efforts will always be to unite people in love, truth, understanding and cooperation. It is important to show the good resulting from understanding and cooperation as well as the destruction resulting from separation.

   Your help is urgently needed to further the trend of understanding, acceptance and cooperation.

   Becoming a member only requires the followings:

   1. Receiving a free monthly newsletter (via email) and practice cultural understanding in daily interaction with people.

   2. Share success stories of unity, via email, (snail mail if not on line) with headquarters for publishing in monthly newsletter.

   3. Offer suggestions for continuous improvement on uniting people worldwide.

   4. Work with Family Unity Worldwide to establishment a Family Unity Worldwide "Hall of Fame" in a city selected by a majority of Family Unity Worldwide members.

   5. Those who can, work with schools and elected official to insure truth, facts and unity are being taught to young people in the school systems.

   All members will receive free information, via email, on working with family members, individuals and groups for unity, positive thinking and practices.



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