Understanding Cultures Are Understanding People

  Cultures; simply put, are: Languages, beliefs, practices, habits (dress and clothing); Governments, buildings, and other man made things. To put it another way: Cultures are saying to the world: This is the way, we do things. 

 Since cultures are: "the way we do things" it should be no great wonder that no one should be offended; or become negative toward what others does to show who they are; especially when "doing what we do" harms no one in any way; and give assurance to present and future off-springs that a way of life is still intact even though it may have changed over the centuries, and will likely change with future progress. Therefore, no nation, or, group of people, should make any attempt to prevent any people, from practicing their culture...especially trying to belittle, or in some way degrade the ones practicing their culture.

Why is Cultural Understanding Important? Well:   

  Presently we deal with differences almost daily. And differences are ideas; and ideas cannot be destroyed; neither by bombs, bullets, separation, or incarceration. A dictatorial idea, can no more be destroyed by bombs, bullets, and isolation, than ideas of freedom. Armies and bullets haven't, over history, destroyed ideas of freedom, just as armies and bullets haven't destroyed the ideas of one person ruling over another with a "I'm better that you" attitude. Ideas, can't be destroyed; they can, however, be changed. But, it's not an automatic process. It takes sincerity, hard work, an understanding of cultures, cooperativeness, caring and, sharing ideas on the greater good for all to eliminate the negative side of ideas. We can war, and isolate till the last man on earth fall, but it will not bring people together in love, understanding, trust, cooperation, and sharing. That will only come through cultural understanding. Cultures says plain and clear: we have different and, sometimes, unique approaches to life, just as we have different careers, and taste. Should we hate, because one like blue, instead of pink? Want to be a farmer, instead of a doctor ? Should we hate because one like a certain car or house, while another like a different kind or car or house? Do we hate because our finger prints are different from all others? Look in the mirror then, convince yourself you have a legitimate reason to hate another human being. As you look, remember this: He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Can you imagine punishing someone for something you are involved in? You want to practice your culture, and not let someone change you into practicing theirs. So, why would you want some one else to abandon their culture for yours? And what make you thing your culture is more important, or better, than theirs, just because yours is different. They can use the same argument. It's like two people committing the same crime. One feels the other person should be punished, but he should go free, because...    

We all have to remember that: Culture is deeply rooted in the practitioner, who will, very forcefully, defend it against any attacker--some more forceful than others. But, be sure, a practitioner will defend his culture. And, it holds true for every culture on earth. So, instead of fighting, because of not understanding a culture, why not reach out, form a dialogue, and interact with the practitioner, and work for the common good, without taking away, or in any form, detracting from the meaning of their culture; which some will see as taking away their dignity, and respect.

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