There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them



The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.

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  If all you know about Africans, came from America's school system; then, you don't know Africans.




 There Is A Solution To Division

 In less than one week, if it's God's Will, I will be eighty six (86) years old. I believe I'm in good health, my doctor tells me I am. I can still do for myself, drive myself wherever I want to go. and do most of the things I've always done, even though not as fast. During my younger years, I was always learning about things around me, and, things I heard over radio. There was a yearning to know what, and why. After World War II, when I was around eleven or twelve, my oldest brother (W.B (Rip) Haugabook) who served in the Navy; gave me a small New Testament. And for some reason I cherished it. I took it everywhere; always in my back pocket; even while working in the fields. At times, during the day I would read it. I'm not sure I understood all I read, but it was fascinating to read it. I don't know how long I kept it, but it did start me reading the bible, which continued to the present.

   From my younger years, through my working years and into my retirement; I've experienced many things; and, traveled America (48 States), and several (6) Foreign Countries. I've interacted with many thousands of people; some very nice; some very nasty and all between. I've rebuilt automobile and tractor engines, and worked on all parts of both. I learned to be a good farmer, studying Agronomy at Hampton. I became pretty good in electronics, if I do say so myself. I built my first working Radio in 1956. Since then, I've built televisions, computers, help launch a tactical missile, flew an aircraft; wrote the USO Standards Training Program for DLA's Southeastern District, workforce; taught computer programming; and that only scratches the surface. The point I'm making is: of all the things I've experienced. Of all the people I've interacted with. Of all the professional experienced I obtained. Of all the man defined knowledge I have, none of it can solve the problem plaguing society. To do that I have to return to the New Testament I stared reading as a kid when my brother gave it to me. In it lies all the answers needed to unite people in love, respect, understanding, cooperation, and sharing. And, there's nothing too hard for anyone to understand. It tells us plainly all that's needed to make this earth a paradise, where everyone is happy, safe, and prosperous. But, we must be obedient to Jesus, and love one another just the way He loved us. Without love, there will never be unity.


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Who am I? Where did I come from? What were the people like? What did they do? What were their struggles, and successes? What did they build; tear down, or change? What did they do to shape the future? What am I doing to perpetuate, or change a legacy that may be defining who I am? Mark Powers asked the same questions; went digging; the answers changed his life.









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