There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them



The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.

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  If all you know about Africans, came from America's school system; then, you don't know Africans. Nor do you know the truth about yourself.






     Unity; it's an easy word to say; and, it appear easy to do. But, if this election taught us anything, it is; there are some 73 million people in these United States that are willing to see us perish as fools rather than unite. But, there are over 80 million that want to practice unity. So, what's the answer folks; how can we get those 73 million to see, separation is not the way? Without going into a lot of detail, let's liken these 73 million to a cult. The first thing a cult does is get it's members to believe in something that can't be proven but has a ring of truth...believing a lie. Once the lie take shape, that's all the leader needs. The leader knows it's a lie, because he built it; he own it and it satisfy his ego. And most of all he now have a following that he can depend on to spread it. This is what we are faced with now. To say we can get all 73 million to abandon it, is wishful thinking. But we can get a great many of that 73 million to change by continually showing them the truth. We must believe in the power of truth; it has, and will always be stronger than a lie. The thing about truth is; it doesn't have to be shouted from a roof top to make change, just practice it in everything you do, and it will accomplish it's goal.

   The 73 million has taken a stand; they believe what Trump is telling them. But, our goal is to stand on truth. Not yell it, or wear it on any garment, or any flag; just practice it in everything we do. When we are faced by someone in the Trump camp, we don't argue just let the numbers be our response; if we have to respond. We have to start the process of bringing back those stolen by Trump, and brainwashed with his lies. I will say it again and again; truth is stronger that lies and will win out every time.



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