There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them



The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.

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  If all you know about Africans, came from America's school system; then, you don't know Africans. Nor do you know the truth about yourself.




Food for thought


   Your brother is not just your parent's son; nor is your neighbor the person or persons next door. From the same dust God made man into flesh, and woman from that same flesh; your brothers, sisters, and neighbors are every other fleshy being. And they come in many colors, shapes, physical attributes, and likes. It doesn't matter what you believe; the truth is; we are all the same in the eyes of God. And God is the one that matters in the end.

  Just remember what Jesus said: "What you do to the least of my little ones, you are doing it to me. Read what Jesus said to Saul (later Paul) on the road to Damascus. Saul was persecuting Christians; Jesus told him he was persecuting Him. When you wrong another person; you are doing the same to Jesus. 


                                                                             What am I doing to perpetuate a legacy that

                                                                             may be wrongly defining who I am?


Mark Powers asked himself that question

                                                                                and went digging. The answer changed his life.





                                                                With the known taken care of up front the unknown are easier to handle.

                                                                There are happiness and peace in marriage; but each part must be put

                                                                together in order to be long lasting.



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