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   True Patriots of America

(Standing, placing your hand over your heart, for the most racist poem ever written; by the most raciest person ever lived, does not make you a patriot.)

I've watched, for sometime now, the issue of kneeling during the National Anthem; and the efforts to obscure the true intentions of kneeling; by inserting: "disrespect to the Flag and Service Men and Women." Of course you know this "Disrespect" thing is; pure and simple; a huge lie, by Donald Trump, Pence, and their cronies. But, away with Trump, and back to my response.

  For years now, I've heard pros and cons of Francis Scott Key poem; now the National Anthem. Until now, I never dug into, but questioned the part of "Rockets red glare; bombs bursting in air" and how, with all the bombardment that took place that night at Fort McHenry; rockets flying, bombs exploding in the air, on the ground; how they all missed the pole on which the flag was attached, or exploded near enough to the flag to damage it. Key was supposedly a British prisoner on a ship, where he watched the battle take place. Wait a minute; run that by me again. Key is a prisoner, on a ship, and he's watching the battle from a rampart? I know almost any barrier can be misconstrued as a rampart, but this guy is a prisoner. Shouldn't he be under guard, or lock and key, someplace in the inner parts of ship; not where the firing of cannons and rockets are? Just another unanswered question for me.

   Anyway, let me say here; there were very, very, crude rockets in 1812, the kind seen now mounted on sticks with a fuse; kids toys. They were too unreliable to be of any real use to armies, except maybe to scare troops, seeing the burning gun powder. Some cannon ball, did have fuses that was lit during firing. So there could have been red glares from fizzling toys; and some cannon balls exploding before they hit the ground. So that part had some truth to it; but the rest is a romanticize story to add some heroism to a crushing defeat of American fighters; using the flag to take the focus off everything but "it's still standing." And one has to admit, singing the anthem make one view the whole scene as the fighters taking everything thrown at them and still standing strong, and unscathed. This is a poem that everyone in America needs to know the truth about.

  To understand the poem; you must understand the man. So, it's important to understand who Francis Scott Key really was.  His story is too long to tell here; so, we'll go with a digested version. Francis Scott Key was "The" bigot of bigots. He believed Blacks were mentally inferior, incapable of doing for themselves, so Whites had to take care of them. He believed in slavery. He pushed for all free Blacks (which were many) to be sent back to Africa. He, like many during his time, believed Blacks were too inept, fearful, and stupid to do anything but do what they were hand fed to do. And become a fighting man in a war? Never; too dumb. In a nutshell; that's Francis Scott Key.

 His poem, the most racist ever, reveals his true character. But lets look at what made him hate Blacks so much, aside from being a bigot. In late summer, around August of 1815, Key was serving as a Lieutenant in the Battle of Bladensburg, and bumped into a Battalion of Colonial Marines (all Black troops fighting for the British. Some historians say these were run away slaves. But then, you know historian) (A battalion consist of anywhere from 240, to 450 men), Francis Scott Key engaged these Black fighter; no doubt thinking he, being white and superior, could eradicate them quickly. But, The Colonial Marines kicked him and his troops rump; sending them fleeing for their lives. Key ran like a rabbit being chased by a fox. So, having his butt kicked by the ones he belittle, didn't set well with him. He hated them Ns. My huge, unanswered question about this poem is: with three full stanzas, why is only two used as the National Anthem? Of course the third stanza really shows who ole key really was. Maybe that part was meant to stay hidden. Read it! But again, he was mad because the Colonial Marines, kicked his butt. His poem was his way of trying to belittle them.

 All of that; brings us to this: The most patriotic people in America are Blacks. Blacks are the only ones that have fought and turned the tides of battles, in every war, fought by America; starting with the American Revolution. Blacks are the only ones that after fighting, with many dying, for their country, returned to be abused, by the people they fought to save. Yet, in-spite of their treatment, they remained loyal to their country. Even with all the abuse, they still work for the betterment of all Americans. Even with having their inventions stolen, or paraded as being done by whites, they still remain loyal. I look at myself. I spent nearly eleven years serving this country; some time in God forsaken places. And yes, I felt the sting of bigotry; many times. But that didn't deter me from fulfilling my duties. Should I have gotten more awards than I did? Absolutely! Because many times I got a pat on the back for going above and beyond the call of duty; but it didn't turn into what some of my fellow Airmen got, for lesser accomplishments and deeds. And, back in the States, I became what has been practiced in this Country since its beginning; A Black man with all the stigmas. But, I was loyal to America before I went in Service; I was loyal while in service, and I am still loyal, even being treated as a second class citizen. I feel all Blacks are, as I am. The very ones that says they are Americans; are the ones blowing up building, shooting innocent people, and plotting against the government, because they feel its not doing enough to further their bigot thinking, beliefs, and practices.

 So, when I see someone kneeling during the playing of the Anthem; and someone booing, taunting, or saying they are being disloyal; I look at the person that wrote the poem; A bigot. I look at the words of the full poem; belittling, and defaming Blacks. And I look at what the hecklers are asking of the kneelers. They are asking the kneelers to forget the writer of the poem hates them, wants them to return to Africa, think they are ignorant, too stupid to care for themselves. They are asking that the kneelers forget this racist poem represent the flag, which make the flag represent the same thing the poem stands for; Bigotry. If the poem is a lie, and racist, and it's used to depict what the flag stands for; that make the flag racist. So, the hecklers; Trump and Pence first; are no better than slavers, and asking kneelers the same thing demanded by slave masters; accept your abuse, and be thankful I don't do worse.

 I'm kneeling with you sisters and brothers; kneel on!  Your cause is just!          












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