There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them



The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.

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  If all you know about Africans, came from America's school system; then, you don't know Africans.




Food for thought

   I remember as a kid; taking a long piece of cloth, pinning it to the back of my shirt at the collar and running around the yard with my arms outstretched pretending I was Super Man, flying through the sky. And, it felt good, because in my pretense, I was powerful, a good, super strong, super smart person, that everyone loved and looked to for help; because I was the one to save them. But, what was the reality of it all? I was a scrawny little kid that a soft breeze could blow away. Remind you or anything? How about this? I'm superior! I'm smarter! I'm the only one that can run a large business! I'm the only one that can be a Doctor! I'm the only one that can be a pilot! I'm the only one that's brave enough to fight battles for my country! I'm the only one that can be a professional sports player! I'm the only one to be looked up to; honored; and idolized. Well, you get the picture! So, what's the reality of it all? Superiority is the same as me being Super Man as a child.  


Come back next week, and lets continue this discussion.  



                                                                             What am I doing to perpetuate a legacy that

                                                                             may be wrongly defining who I am?


Mark Powers asked himself that question

                                                                                and went digging. The answer changed his life.





                                                                With the known taken care of up front the unknown are easier to handle.

                                                                There are happiness and peace in marriage; but each part must be put

                                                                together in order to be long lasting.



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