There will never be brotherhood until men sees the mutual benefits between them


The strength of a nation lies not in the imagination of a few, but the ingenuity of the masses.

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 If life has taught us anything; it's: only truth and facts stands!





 This week I have questions:

  1. What is it about hate?

  2. Why do mankind find it so easy to hate?

  3. What benefits are there to hating?

  4. What are the gains of hating?

  5. What are the losses of hating?

  6. Have you ever compared hate to love?

  7. If so, what were your conclusion?

 I am asking every reader, and those you share this with; to take the time to really think about this, and be truthful to yourself about your finding. You don't have to share it with anyone; unless you want to; but be true to yourself. If you compare love and hate, and find hating more advantageous to you; go over all the reasons why. If love, do the same.

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 I remember hearing, in my young years; "The world is growing wiser and more wicked."

  Have we reached that point in history? Or, does that statement means; the world (mankind); is in a constant state of evolution of evil. In other words; will we reach a pinnacle of evil; or will it just keep getting worse with time?

 I remember seeing some pretty evil things done to human beings, while growing up; especially in the forties, fifties and sixties. But, we are now in the two thousands, and evil seem to be growing; getting worse all the time. We now have the law makers, and law enforcers, trying, with all their might, to make lies believable. The present White House and Congress is a good example. I thought the fifties were especially bad for race relation; but I find it worse in 2017. It has expanded from between, mostly European Americans, and African Americans, to every skin color in America. And, it spreading to every religion in America. And the sad part; European American males are attempting to spread it worldwide. Is this the trend for the foreseeable future? Is so, what are we to expect in daily life? Will we become so numb to evil that we will accept it as the norm, and take our chances on going where we have to go, and doing what we have to do to earn daily bread for self and family? Are we willing to say: "I'll just take my chances against mass murderers, shooting from cover? Mass rapist, attacking by surprise? Home invaders, while trying to rest from a hard day's work? Children kidnapped, killed, abused and more, from many that were thought to be trust worthy? Where is this going?

  To me it's getting worse; What's you take? And, what should be done about it?




America needs friends around the world. America needs unity pacts with nations around the world. This is a must, for America's suvival.




Reaching across the globe, to sign unity pacts.

   America cannot sustain it economy by isolating itself from the world. We have borrowed too much money; especially from China, to say we are the big boy on the block, and answer to no one. Think about your house note, or credit cards. You are at the mercy of the companies holding your debt. They have leverage; you don't. They can raise interest rates; you can't lower them. If you do something that violates the debt agreement, they can demand full payment, and you must pay up or suffer the consequences. That's America; especially with China.

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