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 AAh, the years of my teens. I think I was the smartest human being alive. Parents? Well, they had their way, but they were old; their ways were old, not hep to the new age.  We, young people, had cars and trucks, to ride around in...not horse back, wagon and buggies. We had television, some in color. We had telephones, some even two party lines. We had record players. We, were living in the modern age. And, we knew what was best for our lives. Parents? Well they meant well, but their old ways were just that; old and didn't fit into the modern age.

  Right about now, I feel like a good laugh. At my, and other teens lack of knowledge at the time. They didn't realize it was adults bringing them into the modern age. Adults were inventing the things they dubbed "modern." Adults were providing them with these modern things. Adults were once teens, and like them, lived in  a changing age, dubbed "modern" at the time. It may have been horseback, but there was the modern saddle. It may have been the buggies, but there were the modern surreys, and later crude automobiles, all modern for the time. It may have been trains, and ships, instead of planes, but it was modern for the time. So, here we are; 2014, with all the modernity enjoyed today, brought to you by adults. The differences between the aged (parents), and the teens (child), are: the aged knows the benefits of these modern gadgets, in establishing a foundation for the present, and a path to the future; which you teens will someday find yourselves. The teens only sees the short cuts, and fun these gadgets afford them in their carefree life style; which is vanishing as fast a whirlwind on a windy day. My point? The aged (parents) traveled the same "know it all" path you are traveling right now. They know what's at the end of each attitude, each sass, each disobedient, each case of trying to deceive them, each sleepover, that never take place; and, in general, all the little tricks you pull, thinking you know best for your life. And yes, you may be old enough to think, but you are not old, or experienced enough to formulate the thoughts that would transform into what's best for you.

  Reality: you are a little bird learning to fly. You don't know of all the predators waiting to gobble you up before you can take flight  .         



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