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  May 2 - May 8 

  Topic: "Everybody talking about Heaven ain't going there 

Scripture related To The Topic: 


      My parents use to say, when I was a very young boy; that everybody talking about heaven ain't going there. Of course at the time I didn't think much of it, but from what they said about hell, I knew I didn't want to go there; so I didn't ask question, but I listen real good. They talked about a whole lot of sins that stuck with me, and I've always tried to avoid many of them to this day. Of all the ones they talked about; murder, adultery, fornication, drunkenness, guitar music, and more, the one that seemed most damning to them was lying. They really stressed lying; saying a lying person can get you killed, and no one should lie, and don't hang around a lying person. Well, since I've been grown I got to thinking about just how bad a liar really can be. I want you to think about this one person; Donald Trump. First off, Donald Trump is one of the Devil angels. No way can anyone lie like that man and be anything but a devil angels. Now think how many people he have believing those lies; and following him, preaching what they should know is a lie. Donald Trump knows better, so does those that follow him, but they won't let truth register in their brains because their leader don't like truth. I remember when I lived in the Washington, DC area, I talk many time with a man named Mr. Willie B. He believed in Daddy Grace and nothing or no one could change him. He often said: "Yea, daddy is coming back; just watch, you'll see, he's coming back, just like he said. You see, when a liar convince people that his lie is truth and they should believe what he says, it's hard, or nearly impossible to change them. That's why my parents said a lie will get you killed; people are passionate about lies they have been told. You see what happen on January 6 at the Capital. A lot of people have been killed because of a lie. But beyond that; look at what Trump lies did to the whole country, and a lot of people. Some like this Green lady in Georgia, will never be anything but a liar, all because of Trump. Thinking back, I remember them saying a liar will not get into heaven. I know now from reading the bible that God hate liars, because they don't live truth and facts, just made up things that can never be; so they will not get into Heaven, just like my parents said. Think about that the next time you are tempted to lie. You can go to church, sing, pray all you want, but if you are a liar; you are not going to Heaven.  


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