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  Jan 10 - Jan 16

We Are All God's Children

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     I want to start the New Year by looking at the Family. I ask you to look at God's Family as you would your own. How many of you; if you had a child that had done wrong, or didn't believe in your house rules, or had disobeyed you, would abandon them; kick them out of the house without giving them every opportunity to change or repent of their deeds. I like to think that none of you would do that to your child. I think you would give them every opportunity to change his or her ways; repent and be a part of the family. And you would accept them no matter when they came to you and asked for forgiveness. Well, can you blame God for doing the same thing? We are all God's children; He made us all; we are in the family of God, and He loves us all the same. No matter what we do, or what we believe, God loves us and give us every opportunity to accept Him and His Commandments. He want us to become a part of the family no matter how close we are to death. God know just how bad it is beyond this life for those who doesn't come to the family before death. He set it all up, and it's all fixed, and will not change. That's why he will accept us, right up to our death; He doesn't want us to suffer after death. Jesus told us; "I go to prepare a place for you." Which means He has prepared us a place in paradise when this life is over; but we have to be obedient children. We have to obey His commandments. Jesus gave us one commandment; that is to love. And we can all love one another, if we don't let our own hang-ups stop us. We can all see one another as sisters and brothers; if we get rid of our hang-ups. Just remember; God is love, He built love into all his children, so we have the ability and the capacity to love. God would not ask us to do something without giving us the ability to do it. 

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