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Apr 5
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TOPIC: We Are All In This Together 

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    We are all in this (Coroanvirus) pandemic together. The disease doesn't know color, status, rich or poor; it just do its thing wherever it can. No one is safe from the virus, no one is exempt from it, so no one can say it will not touch me. We are all humans and this virus makes us realize that. This virus has shown every person around the world that we all are the same. This virus has shown that: money, fame, the office we hold, man made power, name, family, nothing matters; we all must do the same thing to stay safe. Can the richest person in the world use his or her money to tell the virus; I'm rich so stay away? Can the president of the United States use his office to say; I'm president, so stay away? Can the most famous person in the world say to the virus: I am famous and the virus will leave him or her alone? You know the answer! So, this tells us that all these things are man made and man made things doesn't make us super humans, just attached with man made titles. So, we shouldn't get so caught up in these titles that we forget who we are and we are the same as the poorest, unnamed person on earth. That should keep us grounded; that should make us never look down on anyone. 


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