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 June 10 - June 16

TOPIC: These are times to love 

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       This week I have seen love shown in way I never thought I would see in America. People of all walks of life, the very young, to the very old, are out in droves chanting for change in the way police treat people of color; and they themselves are saying they are changing the way they view color. In earlier times, I would say it's not going to happen; but seeing policemen charged with crimes against the ones they are sworn to protect, make me believe this time there will be a different, because real love is calling for change. Even with the threat of the corona virus, and the so-called-leading-doctors saying the virus will get worst, they are ignoring the threat and demonstrating for change. This is love beginning to work, in the minds and hearts of people. I pray for every one out there, making a different. I can't be with you brothers and sisters, but my heart is and I pray to Jesus Christ that he will keep you safe. And I will do my part by voting both in the primary and the Presidential Election. I say to you all; God bless you and keep demonstrating.

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