Love cannot be found in hatred; nor hatred, in love  

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  Jan 28 - Mar 6 

Topic:  John 15:12

Scripture related To The Topic:  

       : This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

          The commandment says it all. You know what love is; you know how to love; the thing is; are you doing it, and will you keep it up. I believe we are living in a period when we must obey this commandment. These times have existed before; especially during strict segregation years, of which I grew up in, but we had not fully tasted the freedom we now enjoy. To have tasted freedom and know what it means, and now have someone try to take it all away again, is both heart breaking and anger rolled into one and America is about to explode into something we don't want to happen. Because Blacks and other minorities will not go back to the old days and be treated like animals. But, this is what some are doing today, they want to cause a race war and we can't let them. We don't have to be mean and angry over their tactics, just use love to kill anything they try throwing at us. I know it's hard to keep quiet when someone is heckling or using words to taunt you into a rage; but listen to what Jesus is saying to us; love, and let love be your guide. I know I'm asking a lot of you; but it's worth it in the end. Example: My wife and I was at the eye doctor on Monday, and this lady, who had nothing to do with our appointment or doctor, called a name of another patient; when I look in her direction she said to me "Stay," and she repeated it. I was about to explode on her when I remembered, I might be arrested and my wife, being in a wheel chair had no one but me to care for her, and If I got myself locked up, what would she do. No one to drive her home or anything, so I calmed down and said nothing. Sometimes, it best to keep quiet, rather than let someone drive you into a rage. I had every reason to retort, because she was speaking to me like she would a dog, but I had to let it pass for the best. So, I'm saying; let love guide your thinking and action when provoked by someone to act out of anger. The next time you are provoked to anger; use love to calm down.


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