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LESSON FOR WEEK (Feb 10 - Feb 16)

TOPIC:  Living Together In Christ

Scripture related To The Topic: 

John 17:21


   :21  That they all may be one, as You Father, are in me and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent me.


    I will get right to the point. Jesus expects all men and women to live together in love, peace and harmony. Jesus showed us plainly that He and God are one because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him. And, He pointed out to us that we must be in them, and they must be in us.

    From this relationship will flow the types of actions and reactions that will demonstrate to the world the love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    This scripture is very clear; there is no way to be in Jesus and be tainted with sin (be in violation of the commandments of God) The instant Jesus took on all sins of mankind He was separated from the Father, and that separation was what was so hurting to Him. Just before that Jesus prayed asking
God this: "O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will." Jesus was not asking God to remove the task of taking on the sins of men. Jesus came willingly to do that. His love for mankind, His wanting the very best for mankind was his reason for doing it. No, taking on the sins of mankind was not what He was asking God to remove. It was severing the relationship they had had from the beginning. Taking on the sins of men would separate Jesus from the Father; and even though Jesus had the promise of the Father that He would not be left in that condition, the reality of being separated just for that period of time, made him ask if He could take on the sins of men without the separation.

     When we are in the word; that is, we are obedient to the Word; we are in the Father and Son. And, the Father and Son are in us. Living in the word causes us to interact with others in love,, peace and harmony. And, when that occurs, our attitudes and personalities are such that nothing but love flows out all of our interaction with people.

   Jesus said and I know it's true. When the relationship of you in the Word and the Word in you exist, the world can see the reality of what Jesus taught while on earth, and left for us to follow.

   Just remember, mankind can live together as one, but, it cannot be done without being obedient to the commandments of God. Remember also, sin in any form, separates you from the reality of the truth; and thus the relationship of you in the word an the Word in you.



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 Your Brother

 Minister Haugabrook

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