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TOPIC:  Yes, We Can Love Everyone

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  We have reached; and are now living, in a time when the thinking, beliefs and practices of men, have made it very hard, if not impossible, for some, to believe that anyone, can love everyone. We are living in a period when men have confused LOVE, with SEX; NEIGHBOR, with those living in a LOCAL AREA; FRIEND, with those of the same BELIEF; and ENEMY, with those that DISAGREE, with groups decisions. But the greatest confusion among those listed is believing SEX is LOVE.

   God, and Jesus taught up plainly what love is. And, it was done by example. God loved us, and demonstrated it by sending His Son Jesus to be a Sacrificial Lamb for our sins. Jesus loved us, and demonstrated it by coming to earth, being born of a woman, lived in the flesh, making him subject to all sins as mankind are; walked among mankind, tempted by Satan as we all are; did not sin, and stayed free from sin, but took on the punishment for our sins, hung on the cross; went into hell, served time for our sins, rose again, to be the first fruit of the dead, then went back to Heaven to the Father; demonstrating that he loved us.

    So, what is love? Wanting the very best for everyone and doing all you can to make it happen. God wanted the best for us; He sent his Son Jesus; the best. Jesus wanted the best for us; He came to earth, lived in the flesh, did not sin, but took on the punishments for sins; and went into hell; giving his best for us. So, ladies and gentlemen, we can love everybody; just as God love us; and just as Jesus love us. The world and its lusts are not the goal when truly loving someone; showing them the love of God, and the beauty of it is. When we love, as demonstrated by God and Jesus, we don't separate human beings into groups, classes, by areas, and the such. We all become brothers and sisters, all striving to be obedient to the Word of God. Thus, eliminating what we are living with at this very moment.



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