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LESSON FOR WEEK (Jun 23 - Jun 29)

TOPIC: Are We Ever At A Cross Road?

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  I don't know what in your life, and I won't even try to guess. But there are known in this life and one thing I do know is; If we follow Jesus, we will never reach a cross roads. Why? because the way is straight and narrow without twists and turns. However, if you are at a cross road where you have to make a choice, choose the one that treats everyone the same. No big "I" and no little "you." When we think of other human beings as a very close family member that we love and respect, we will see them in a  whole different light. I watched the highlights of a political speech in which the speaker was using derisive words to divide the country into what he hoped would be votes just for himself. I cannot say there is nothing wrong with it because most candidates does it; but, It is doing exactly what Jesus said not to do. The speaker was lying to the people and they seemed to believed him. It doesn't matter what office we are trying to win; be it Sunday School Teacher; or, President of the USA; it put people on the wrong road. Some are just waiting for someone to come along so they can jump on the bandwagon of hate and division. And along come some politician using hateful term against people who haven't done anything to him, but be in a different party, and start spreading hateful lies and they jump on the hateful train. And now they are saying the same thing the politician is saying. And have the same attitude he have. Even family is not off limit. Any one that doesn't agree with them becomes their enemy. I hear people say "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard; even Donald Trump knows better than that. Anyway, if you ever find yourself at a cross road look for signs of treating everyone like a very loved sister or brother and follow it. It will always be right.            



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