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  Aug 15 - Aug 21

  Topic:  Truth Shall Set You Free

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The Bible


      Last week we talked about truth will set you free; and with so much controversy over wearing masks, I thought I would state a few facts as I know them. You have a right to agree or disagree, but read my versions and think about it.

   Some people are saying masks restrict oxygen to the brain and children need oxygen for proper brain development. Well, think about all the times you've let your kids wear mask to parties, Halloween and just playing; so that kills that idea. Some are saying that masks will make you get the disease. Well, if that is the case why aren't everyone wearing a mask getting sick with the disease? And why are the hospital filling up with those that are not wearing masks and are unvaccinated? (because those that are raving about wearing mask are also saying they will not get the shot) But lets be clear; when you refuse to wear a mask, you are endangering the lives of others as well as yourself. And it's plain when you get sick with covid you seek the help of doctors, nurses and hospitals. And you are putting those people in danger of catching what you brought in, whether you say you brought it or not. Look at the facts; hospitals are being over crowded with people who don't wear mask and won't get the shot. No one can deny that. It's an in your face fact. I don't have to tell you of all the diseases we've had in this country and been wiped out with vaccines. Well, this is no different, if this disease is to be wiped out, you need to get vaccinated; even if you don't wear the mask. If you believe in getting a shot for the flu, or childhood diseases, then this is no different. And please, stop using the term; "It's my right." There isn't a constitution, charter, or any other document on earth that give someone the right to affect another person with a deadly disease. If you really believe it's your right to kill someone with your ignorance, then when you get sick from covid don't seek medical help; just stay at home and let whatever happen to you happen. If you have a right to not wear a mask, then you have a right to let the disease run it course in your body; without help. Yes, you have a right to wear a mask, get vaccinated and live, or you have the right to not do either and die; it's your right. But don't run to the hospital when you get sick. When hospitals start turning away all sick that are unvaccinated and not wearing masks, I don't have to tell you; there will be a change. I don't want any one sick; or unattended at hospitals, but, when you reject truth for lies and know better, then you should also be willing to let what happen to you happen; without anyone's help. Again; look at the facts. It's you, who are not wearing masks and not vaccinated that's filling up the hospitals, and dying. I say to you, if you don't like masks and being vaccinated; you shouldn't like hospitals and treatment for Covid. 


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          Minister Haugabrook

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