Knowing Their History Is The Key To Understanding People

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About Us

 Our Goal: To create a better understanding of People and cultures

  We Believe: Unity will be achieved when the cultural gap is bridged.



  It's better to understand, than assume:

   Divisional thinking; like: superiority, inferiority, hatred, false ego, prejudices, pretence, make believe; and the likes, are dim, imaginary lines of the mind. Divisional thinking give rise to the ills existing among mankind today. Every negative, existing in world societies, can be traced back to divisional thinking of some sort. And, all divisional thinking, violates the rules of life; which are: truth, reality, love, peace, cooperation, understanding, helping and caring, and all positive things. Each rule bent, or ignored, brings adverse effect on the violator as well as those touched by the violation. Example: When the rule says, "love without exception,"  it means just picking and choosing. When love is only directed toward an individual, or group; it's benefits are lost; both to the violator and the ones being violated. It produces hate, mistrust, exclusion, segregation, and the negatives so prevalent in today's society. So, when the benefits of love is lost; all suffer.

   Family Unity Worldwide--provides a better understanding of the true history of Americans of all colors. These facts shows the true meaning of cultures, and their benefits to mankind.  

   Family Unity Worldwide focuses on: problems caused by divisional thinking, practices and beliefs; and how divisional thinking can be eliminated. 

   Members are encouraged to examine causes and effects of their own thinking, practices, and interaction with people. Example: What are my responses when talking to people of different races--both casual and professional? What response do my actions provokes? 

     Family Unity Worldwide seeks to establish a "Family Unity Center" honoring great family contributions to the betterment of society, and cultural understanding. The center will be a beacon of the positive side of families, past, present and future.

    Membership is free. However, members are encouraged, not mandated, to cover the cost of printing and postage only, on mailed membership packages. 

   Work with families worldwide:  

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